Yoga Workshop mit John Stirk am 05./06. und 07.10.2018

The Essence of Practice

The essence of practice addresses the quality of self, which is in turn founded upon the quality of sensation, mind and feeling.
Physical sensations, thoughts and feelings combine to produce a whole experience. They are inseparable and change and any one affects the others.
This workshop aims to broaden, deepen and open the body mind experience.

It will invite participants to sharpen awareness, open consciousness, go deeply into their body-minds, potentially make new discoveries and/or deepen existing ones and make reference to ‘how we are’ on all levels. Positions will be simple, the focus will be intense and the breath will play and essential role. We will work together and the potential will be wide open.

John Stirk ist Yogalehrer und Osteopath und unterrichtet seit über 40 Jahren Yoga.

Ich freue mich sehr, dass er meine Einladung angenommen hat und im Jahr 2018 zum ersten Mal nach Innsbruck kommen wird, um hier einen mit Sicherheit sehr besonderen Yoga-Workshop zu geben.


His work aims to deepen, open and broaden the Yoga experience by inviting students to sink beneath existing knowledge and practical application and draw out for themselves their deeper practitioner.

John’s interest in the impediments to understanding, compassion and freedom from the self, informs his posture based work which attends to the physical while simultaneously questioning the nature of conditioning, habit and fear in their various guises.

Participants are invited to open up ways of being that include clarity, relaxed sensitivity, and a deep, flowing awareness of how they are on all levels.

Nährer Informationen zu John, seiner Arbeit und seinem Buch "The Original Body" sowie ein Video-Interview findet ihr hier




Freitag 18.00 - 21.00

Samstag 10.00 - 16.30

Sonntag 10.00 - 13.00


Workshopbeitrag ca.12 Unterrichtsstunden: Frühbucherbonus bis 05.06.2018 260,00 Euro; Normalpreis 285,00 Euro;

Raum am Museum, Museumstraße 20, 6020 Innsbruck